Adding a Favourite Track

To add a new track first navigate to 'My Personality & Interests' under the 'My Profile' main heading.

Scroll down to the 'Favourite Tracks' section and click in the input box to the right of the title. Start typing the name of the the track you would like to be on your profile, as you type we will check our database to see if someone has added that track before.

If the title of the track doesn't come up whilst you type, continue to fill out the rest of the title. Once you are happy you've typed the full title of the track click the 'not here' suggestion below.


Clicking not here will open up a modal window and it will pull in the closest matches using Please note this can take a few seconds depending on your internet speed and how busy's service is.

Once the options appear, select the track you're looking for. If the track you're expecting doesn't come up; double check you have the track name correct. If the song is less mainstream, or has a generic title, it would be worth exiting the modal window by clicking anywhere on the background and typing the artist name after the track.


Once you have selected the track, click done and you will be taken back to your profile. Please wait a few seconds for the track to appear - we have to process the images and add the track to our records.


And don't forget to click the save button when you're done.