Adding a Favourite Place

To add a new favourite place first navigate to 'My Personality & Interests' under the 'My Profile' main heading.

Scroll down to the 'Favourite Places' section and click in the input box to the right of the title. Start typing the name of the the place you would like to be on your profile; as you type we will check our database to see if someone has added that place before.

If the name of the place doesn't come up whilst you type, continue to fill out the rest of the title. Once you are happy you've typed the full name of the place click the 'not here' suggestion below.


Clicking 'not here' will open up a modal window giving you the option to hone the selection. Remember to just type the location within a particular country, be it a town, city, village or even area. The box to the right is where you select the corresponding country [this is where your geography gets tested ;)].


Once you select a country the map will automatically refresh with your new selection. If you're happy with how it came out, click save. If you want to make a few adjustments just type in the box or adjust the country in the dropdown.