Inviting someone on a date

So you've reached that moment in online dating when you want to arrange the first date; fantastic!

We'll detail below the simple steps for helping you organise the perfect date. To begin visit the profile of the user you wish to invite on a date, once on their profile, if they're available for date you should see an 'arrange a date' button - give it a click


After clicking that you'll get taken to the date composer screen; the hub of how dates are created. To begin, you need to select a venue for the date. It's really simple to select a venue; first type either your full postcode or the first half of the postal code into the box.

Next, you can begin to type the name for the venue, in this case we're looking for Starbucks' in NW1. The system doesn't return any immediate results which means as yet, no one has gone on a date at a Starbucks in NW1. We can now query Google for all available Starbucks' in NW1 buy clicking the 'not here' link.


After clicking 'not here' you'll be presented with a list of options matching your search criteria. Select the one you're after and click save.


You'll then be taken back to the date view with all the venue details in place. If you change your mind about the venue, just run a new search and follow the steps above.


Next up is to choose the date and time of the date. There is a simple calendar tool to help pick the day and some drop-downs to choose the time.

After setting the date and time, you're now ready to add a personal message to the date. Once you're happy click the invite button and an invitation will be sent to the invitee.

All requested and received dates will appear under the 'Dates' tab in the main navigation.